Fabio's Roadstop


Welcome to Fabio's Roadstop

SINCE 2019

Fabio’s Roadstop, is a personal dream of mine, come true. An American diner in conjunction with our own unique concept within which we value the quality of our produce and perform daily tests to improve the final results of our confections.

All our attention is devoted to detail and therefore all our dishes are served in a careful and uniquely special way.

We are a supportive team with the ambition to serve better and do better. We are in constant learning mode, testing, retrying, until we produce our products to the highest standard of quality. Our only goal is to offer something unique served with quality and great service.

In our restaurant we want you to feel completely at home, to share happy moments whether they are with family or friends and to enjoy the best we have to offer, from the best drinks to a delicious meal.

All Our Food Is Made From Only The Best And Freshest Produce And Ingredients

Professionalism, Friendliness, Humility and Responsibility are core values in our establishment because with them we embrace our path until we reach you.

We’re passionate about the restaurant industry and the American diner concept and after several years of restoration work, Fabio’s Roadstop is now the perfect fusion between the American Diner and our Portuguese cuisine.

Fabio's Roadstop inside

We Pride Ourselves On Serving Beautiful Dishes Based On The American Diner But With All Portugal´s Quality Produce